Youthful Hairstyles that will Turn Back the Hands of Time

Wavy bob

A professional suggests layers for type 2 hair, which is wavy but not curly, to enhance its natural texture and youthfulness.

Freestyle curls

More is more with these gorgeous ringlets! “I think that the stereotype about women over 40 always having to wear their hair short is a complete and utter myth

Tousled, undone waves

Healthy, well-maintained hair, no matter the texture, is always flattering,” adds Oribe educator Stacey Ciceron.

Loose lob

Choppy ends and bendy, loosely layered strands give the lob the appearance of free mobility, making it ideal for thinner hair.

Angular bob

An angular bob doesn't require J.Lo-level confidence—just a hairstylist who can flatter your angles.

Polished pixie

By highlighting cheekbones and eyes, a pixie can erase years from your appearance.

Piecey pixie

The piecey cut and tousled layers of Ginnifer Goodwin's pixie haircut make it youthful but put-together.

Sleek, straight bob

Remember that “this look screams classic and sophisticated by accentuating the apples of your cheeks and overall bone structure.