Top 9 Trendy Tapered Neckline Haircuts You Must Try Today

Classic Neck Taper

A classic neck taper provides a smooth finish, seamlessly blending the hair on top with the back and sides for a polished, timeless look.

Curly Hair Tapered Neckline

A tapered neckline for curly hair enhances style longevity and appearance by gradually trimming curls for a refined and well-maintained look.

Buzz Cut with Fade in the Back

A buzz cut with a back fade offers a simple, fuller look compared to a skin fade, making it an ideal, low-maintenance men's hairstyle for daily ease.

Taper with Line Up

A taper with a line up maintains a sharp, precise hairline, perfect for men seeking a clean, structured appearance that stays sharp.

Brush Back with Tapered Neckline

A brush back with a tapered neckline blends the back for added volume and texture, creating an elegant, stylish finish for the modern man.

Gentle Back Fade with Line Up

The gentle back fade adds a gradual softness to your style, while a line up creates sharp lines that highlight and clean up the tapered cut.

Tapered Neckline with Thick Brush Back

A tapered neckline blends smoothly for a clean look, while a thick brush back and razored edges add a masculine, stylish touch.

Classy Middle Part with Tapered Sides

Choose a classy middle part with low taper for a trendy, versatile look that’s effortlessly elegant and pairs well with facial hair for added style.

Clean Taper with Shape Up

Stand out with a clean taper, buzz cut, and edge up, featuring a short, low-maintenance style complemented by a visually striking temp fade.

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