Top 8 Trendy Viking Hairstyles for Women in 2024

Viking Hairstyle Side Braid

Embrace the balance of simplicity and complexity with this Viking hairstyle featuring double side braids. The braids are the focal point, while the rest of your hair is left loose.

Shield Maiden Braids

Channel the power of history’s fierce female warriors with shield maiden braids. This cool and badass look can be paired with an undercut to reduce bulk and keep hair out of your eyes.

Short Viking Hairstyle

Short hair can still capture the Viking spirit with styles like cornrows, which are braided close to the scalp. Add beads or feathers for an extra touch. This effortlessly chic look is functional.

Traditional Viking Hairstyle

Get creative with the traditional Viking hairstyle, inspired by formidable warriors. Experiment with braid thicknesses to achieve a look that showcases your inner strength and resilience.

Bubble Braid Ponytail

Transform a simple bubble braid ponytail into a daring Viking hairstyle by adding side braids and adorning the hair with beads or gems. This bold look is all about standing out and embracing uniqueness.

Viking Crown Braid 

For a more romantic take on the Viking hairstyle, try a crown braid. This style wraps around the head like a crown and can be enhanced with thin, individual plaits for texture and a carefree finish.

Viking Lagertha Hairstyle

Inspired by the legendary shield maiden Lagertha, this hairstyle works best with naturally textured hair and features top braids to keep hair out of the face. It’s a powerful look.

Viking Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks require time and patience but offer an incredibly interesting look. Counteract their heaviness with an undercut and consider pulling the hair into a ponytail for a more practical finish.

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