Top 8 States With The Most Grizzly Bear


Colorado has a tiny population of grizzlies who live in the backcountry. These bears are located in the isolated and unspoiled San Juan and Sangre de Cristo Mountains, where they thrive.


Washington has few grizzlies. Most of these bears live in the North Cascades, where dense woods provide food and habitat. This environment helps state grizzlies survive and grow.


Grizzlies thrive in Idaho's wilds, especially in the center. Grizzlies thrive in the Salmon River and Bitterroot Mountains, which provide the resources they need.


Idaho s wild regions are perfect for grizzly bears, with a significant concentration in the central part of the state. The areas around the Salmon River and Bitterroot Mountains.


Montana is famous for its grizzlies. From Glacier National Park to the Bob Marshall Wilderness, these bears exist throughout the state. Montana's diversified terrain offer grizzlies rich habitats.


Grizzlies are abundant in southern Alaska, especially in the Kenai Peninsula and Kodiak Island. Alaska is a major grizzly bear habitat due to its large and inaccessible wilderness areas.


Although smaller, California still contains several grizzlies, mostly in the north. The Sierra Nevada provides a habitat for grizzlies despite their declining populations.


In its wilds, Utah has several grizzly bears. Utah grizzlies thrive in the Uinta Mountains and Wasatch Range, where harsh terrain and sufficient resources provide excellent habitats.