Top 10 Diy Home Decor Ideas

Live Edge Shelf

Make a breakfast bar from an empty corner using live-edge wood and a DIY floating shelf kit. Jenni Yolo of I Spy DIY, who designed and constructed the shelf, says the additional surface offers eating room to the kitchen without feeling crowded.

Painted Headboard

Consider a wall-to-wall painted headboard for a renter-friendly bedroom accent. Farrow & Ball's Breakfast Room Green and creamy white wall colors are separated by a thin black line ¼" thick.

Cubby Cabinet

This elegant container inspired by traditional apothecary cabinets holds seasonal treasures, school, and business essentials in nine roomy compartments. Replicating the look requires just $15 in materials.

Floral Candlesticks

Make ordinary taper candles into creative house décor for a dinner party. Alcohol-clean the candlesticks, then use paint markers or acrylic paint to decorate them with flowers.

Banquette Backrest

Make beautiful dinner party decorations using taper candles. Decorate candlesticks with flowers using paint markers or acrylic paint after alcohol-cleaning.

Teak Wall Tiles

You can make your bathroom a Zen retreat without renovating. Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions adds a seat, eucalyptus, and teak panels to the shower wall using tile glue and hooks for fluffy towels.

Egg Carton Flowers

Upcycled egg carton flowers may brighten your area. No need to be a craft expert—these directions are simple. Get your materials, including natural egg cartons. acrylic paint, brushes, and floral wire.

DIY Wood Plant Stand

Showcase your favorite indoor houseplants on this elevated plant stand, from snake to ZZ. These bloggers say this woodworking project takes 45 minutes!

Colorful Glassware

There are colored wine glasses, drinking glasses, bud vases, and beautiful stuff around. Do you know you can transform old clear jars into colorful glassware for a vintage look?

Hanging Photo Collage

A DIY collage using a two-by-four, nails, rope, and clothespins lets you rotate photographs periodically. Celebrate Again photographer Lumalia Armstrong recommends painting or staining the wood for elegance.