These Are the 8 Smells Rats Hate the Most


Although rats don't like the scent of peppermint oil, you may find it energizing. The nasal passages of rats will get more irritated by peppermint oil with greater potency.


An antiquated technique for keeping moths away is to use mothballs. Rats are effectively repelled by the potent chemical odor they emit, but rats are also poisoned by it.


Garlic is disliked by many rats, both for its flavor and aroma. This implies that you can ward against rats by using garlic cloves.

Clove Oil

Clove oil has a strong fragrance that deters rats, thus it can be used as a repellent. Additionally, it's a fantastic chemical-free treatment that deters rodents from entering certain areas of your house.

Cayenne Pepper

Rats are irritated by the taste and smell of cayenne pepper, or any chili. As a natural rat repellent, capsaicin, which is spicy and repellant to most rats, can be avoided.


Citronella, which is frequently used to repel mosquitoes and other insects, is widely hated by rats. Rats don't seem to be deterred much by burning citronella candles, but the spray or oil form might.


Rats find white vinegar's overpowering scent to be repulsive. Use strong vinegar; diluted vinegar may not be as effective. Soaking cotton balls in a vinegar solution and positioning them in confined spaces may be an effective way to deter rats.

Raw Onions

Rats find the strong aroma of raw onions and their juice repulsive. It may even irritate their eyes and nasal passages. This is primarily due to the fact that onions, when cut open, emit propyl sulfoxide.