The Best Celebrity Pixie Cuts to Inspire Your Next Style

Cara Delevingne

A short cut across the body, lengthy front pieces, and sharp, angular bangs were all part of Cara Delevingne's now-iconic pixie cut. Its busy design implies that it will likely require significantly

Emma Watson

Emma Watson famously chopped off her long Hermione hair following the conclusion of the Harry Potter filming, and the sleek, contemporary style looked great on her.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana preferred a close-cropped long pixie (often called a "bixie," combining bob and pixie cuts), especially in the latter part of her life.


Halsey's natural cool factor is...very, really high, and a big part of their image is their hair. This is as cool as it gets: a short pixie cut that's also tinted a cool pink.

Charlize Theron

Although Charlize Theron doesn't always wear it, her pixie cut has long been recognized as "her" style. If you're looking for inspiration beyond this list, just Google her.

Cardi B

I'm definitely feeling the "I'm not a normal mom, I'm a cool mom" vibes from Cardi B right now. Thanks to an amazing collection of wigs and extensions, she has given us every possible hairstyle

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis was out here making the functional pixie work for her every day before a lot of other people were (and bonus points for the natural gray hair!).

Sienna Miller

Everyone printed out a photo and asked for the cut that Sienna Miller received from her long, bowl-cut-like cut at the height of her Factory Girl stardom (which featured a similar cut for her to portray