The 9 Worst Eating Habits for Belly Fat

Potato Chips

Contains saturated fat, calories, and harmful sodium, and no satiety signals. So a handful of crisps becomes a bag of chips you empty without thinking and yet want more.   

Diet Cold Drinks

Diet sodas are worse than sodas. They increase circumference and harm the heart and stomach.


This breaks hearts. Yes, pizza is unhealthy. The refined wheat and cheese in it are unhealthy and high in saturated fat.

French Fries

French fries are another unhealthy potato that fits comfortably on our tummies. Fried carbs are toxic, but French fries are the worst.

Fatty Red Meat

Specific meats should be avoided at the dinner table. Fatty, red meat causes obesity by increasing belly circumference. 

Fruit Juice

You're wrong. All the healthy properties in fruit are gone in juice. Juicing fruits removes fiber. Sugar and preservatives make packaged drinks worse.

Refined Foods

Bagels, doughnuts, bread, spaghetti, cereals, and pretzels are bad for you. They increase belly fat and disrupt internal equilibrium. Also calorie-dense.

Unhealthy Fat

Foods high in saturated and trans fats are very unhealthy. Packaged, processed, and refined foods contain harmful fat.

Artificial Sweeteners

No, they're not as healthy as advertised. Carcinogenic, they gain weight without changing anything. Go sugar-free or use natural sweeteners.