The 9 Most Popular Women's Short Hairstyles of 2024

Blonde Pixie Cut

Those that are not afraid to show off their face should consider the pixie cut. This is a classic go-to for the fan of short hair and low maintenance.

Asymmetrical Lob

These cuts were once popular in the 1990s but they are clearly here to stay. Ask your stylist to start at the chin and get shorter towards.

Brown Balayage

This chocolate, caramel, and blonde look is gorgeous and adds a lot of beauty to shorter styles. While a good colorist goes above and beyond.

Blonde Balayage

It is a great thing when stylists realize that there is a whole world of blonde out there than can be made to look oh so much more natural.

Wild Color Ombre

There is not as much holding women back when it comes to wild colors now. Having two-toned hair with one being a fun color.

Short Razor Cut

Choppy layers are key to this look. Your stylist might use what is called a razor comb to get a lot of the texture. This handy little device can help.

Very Short Curls with a Mohawk

If you don't like how much work you have to put into managing your curls, then this cut will be an awesome solution.

Undercut With Design

Having the ability to express your creativity and unique style regularly can be a great thing. The only thing you need to think about.

Hollywood Glam Waves

This old fashioned look screams vintage Hollywood glamor. If you start out with very short waves, you can keep the look as it grows.

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