The 8 Best Sources of Fiber on the Keto Diet

Great for keto followers due to its high fiber and fat content, with half an avocado containing 1.4 net carbs and 5g of fiber.


One ounce offers 9.6g of fiber and 2.2 net carbs; use in puddings, smoothies, or as toppings for various dishes.

Chia Seeds:

Low-carb nut with 1.2 net carbs and 2.7g of fiber per ounce (19 halves), making them a good keto option.


Ground flaxseeds are ideal for keto, providing 2g fiber and 0 net carbs per tablespoon, useful for coatings and nutrient absorption.


Fermented food offering probiotics, with 2g fiber and just over 1g net carbs per half cup, adds tangy flavor.


Low-carb versatile veggie with 3g net carbs and 2g fiber per cup, great for various keto recipes like pizza crust and rice substitutes.


Combine frozen spinach, zucchini, or cauliflower with chia seeds for fiber, vitamins, and minerals without high carbs.

Green Smoothies:

High-fiber greens with about 2g of net carbs and 5.6g of fiber per cup when cooked, better than raw.

Collard Greens: