The 7 Healthiest Countries in Europe


Luxembourg's health score is 87.39. The little country is one of the safest in the world, demonstrating its high quality of living. Everyone in Luxembourg receives free healthcare.


Norway scores 89.09 on health. Norway, like other Nordic nations, promotes healthy living, including Omega-3-rich foods and outdoor activities. World-class air quality.


Sweden is one of Europe's healthiest nations with 90.24 points. There are several causes. Swedish people have a great quality of life due to their focus on fitness, nutrition, and wellness.


Switzerland is one of the healthiest countries with a 90.93 health score for various reasons. Switzerland enjoys a great quality of life due to high earnings and a focus on fitness and nutrition.


Iceland is healthy, pleasant, and serene with a 91.44 health score. Icelanders also consume a lot of Omega-3-rich fish. Iceland boasts one of the world's greatest healthcare systems


Italy's health score is 91.59. The spaghetti may fill you up, but the Italian diet, particularly olive oil, is healthy. Italians consume more mineral water than Europeans.


Spain is Europe's healthiest due to its nutrition and top health care system. With a 92.75 health score, Spain is the healthiest nation in Europe and the globe.