Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal You Should Know About

Redness and irritation

Laser hair removal harms hair follicles. Many people experience redness and discomfort, as the body reacts. 


Skin crusting may occur in some cases. Though slight, this can be inconvenient. Scarring can result from crusting. 

Changes in skin color

Some people may notice mild skin color changes after treatment. It may darken or lighten after laser hair removal.

Eye injury

Hair removal uses strong lasers. This means a practitioner operating on a person's face could cause serious eye harm.

Risk of skin infection

As with other cosmetic hair removal techniques, laser damage to hair follicles might cause infection.

Burns and blisters

Laser hair removal mistakes can cause burns and blisters. Burns and blisters are infrequent when done by a professional.


Scars seldom result with laser hair removal. However, practitioner errors can cause scarring. The majority of qualified practitioners should be fine.