Samsung will, for some reason, let you tap the back of your phone to check the time in Android 15

Samsung, constantly innovating in the smartphone arena, is now developing a feature that allows Galaxy phone users to check the time with a simple double-tap on the back of their device.

Discovered by Samsung tipster Tarun Vats, this update is part of the RegiStar module within the Good Lock app, offering users enhanced customization options for their phone's interface.

Named "Check Time with Back Tap," this new feature expands the functionality of the RegiStar module, which currently enables users to assign actions to a double-tap gesture on the back of their phone.

While the existing double-tap feature can perform actions like taking screenshots, the new addition will allow users to conveniently check the time without unlocking their phone or activating the screen.

Designed to improve accessibility and convenience, this feature will be particularly handy in situations where viewing the screen is challenging, such as in bright sunlight or when the phone is in a pocket or bag.

Unlike existing double-tap functionalities, this new time-check feature will work even when the screen is off, representing a significant advancement in usability and accessibility.

Initially, the feature will debut on the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Fold 6, with other Galaxy devices expected to receive it later through the One UI 7 update. 

Although still in development, the "Check Time with Back Tap" feature promises to be a valuable addition for many Galaxy phone users, enhancing everyday convenience with a simple yet impactful change.