Plants That Will Bring Luck Into Your Life

Burgundy Rubber Tree: The strong and dramatic Burgundy Rubber Tree comes in a range of dark colors and can be used to make a statement in any room. It's a beautiful, eye-catching piece of art, and it also stands for happiness, wealth, and plenty.

Golden Pothos: Some beautiful plants can also bring good luck into your life. The Golden Pothos is one example. This cute plant that trails down a shelf or tabletop looks beautiful. It has heart-shaped leaves with different colors and is thought to bring wealth.

Money Tree Braid: People in the plant world believe that the Money Tree Braid (and any other money tree) brings good luck. This plant has a stem with many elaborate braids and bright green leaves that look like palms.

Citrus Trees: Citrus trees smell great, look nice, and give you and your family tasty fruit to eat. People believe that all citrus tree types are good, especially since many citrus fruits are round and gold, like coins that represent wealth.

Ginseng Ficus: The ginseng ficus is a type of fig tree that comes from Southeast Asia. It is often used for bonsai. This tree has thick roots that stick out of the ground and dark green, oval-shaped leaves that make it stand out.

Peepal Bonsai: In Hinduism and Buddhism, the peepal bonsai is very important because it is said that Guatama Buddha became enlightened while sitting under a peepal tree. People enjoy them as signs of luck, happiness, and living a long time.

Rubber Plant: Another good choice for a home's wealth spot is a rubber plant. They stand for plenty, happiness, and money. The dark green, round leaves on this tree look good with a lot of different types of home decor.