PIP Rate Changes 2024: How Much is the Expected Change in the PIP Rates in 2024?

Starting April 8, 2024, the UK will implement new rates for PIP, impacting both the Daily Living and Mobility components. These adjustments are part of the government's periodic review

The new PIP rates for 2024-2025 are £108.55 per week for the higher Daily Living component and £72.65 for the lower rate; for the Mobility component, the higher rate is £75.75 per week, and the lower rate is £28.70.

PIP is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and is typically paid every four weeks, with the exact payment schedule detailed in a decision letter sent to recipients.

Applicants for PIP undergo an assessment to determine the extent of their difficulties with daily tasks and mobility, which influences the rate of payment they receive.

The current PIP rates for 2023-2024 will remain in effect until March 2024; these are £101.75 per week (higher rate) and £68.10 (lower rate) for Daily Living, and £71.00 (higher rate) and £26.90 (lower rate) for Mobility.

PIP applications can be submitted via phone, post, or online, with the online method requiring a National Insurance Number, phone number, and valid email address.

PIP assessments are typically conducted by a health professional and can take about an hour; individuals with less than 12 months to live may receive expedited processing for the daily living part of PIP.

If an applicant's assessment for PIP does not qualify them for benefits, they have the right to challenge the decision through a reconsideration process. This involves submitting additional evidence or information that was not initially considered