New Carers Allowance 2024: How Much is Carers Allowance in UK? Eligibility, Rate

The UK Government offers Careers Allowance to individuals providing at least 35 hours of care weekly to someone with an illness or disability.

Purpose of Carers Allowance

Carers must be over 16 years old, earning £139 or less per week after taxes and expenses, and not in full-time education or under immigration control.

Eligibility Criteria

The person being cared for must receive qualifying benefits like Personal Independence Payment or Disability Living Allowance.

Care Recipient Eligibility

Carers cannot claim if the care recipient already receives certain benefits or if another person is claiming Carers Allowance for the same care recipient.


Carers Allowance is taxable if the carer's income exceeds the personal allowance threshold.

Tax Implications

Carers receiving a state pension may have their Carers Allowance adjusted based on their pension amount.

Impact on State Pension

Applications can be made online or by post, requiring details like National Insurance number, employment information, and care recipient details.

Claim Process

Carers receive £76.75 per week if eligible, potentially affecting other benefits the care recipient may receive.

Payment Details