Meet the 7 world's biggest dog breed

Great Dane

Michigan Great Dane Zeus has the Guinness World Record for tallest dog. Zeus was 1.046m (3ft 5.2) at his withers and nearly 2.25m on his hindlegs when he died at five.

English Mastiff

London born English Mastiff Zorba holds the Guinness World Record for biggest and longest dog. He weighed 156.5kg and was 2.51m long. Height at withers was 94cm.


With robust bone and a powerful appearance, they are strong yet not hefty. Their patience and lifesaving instincts make them tame.

St Bernard

The Alpine Mastiff, named after a monk who created a hospice for hikers in the Alps, guarded the property and performed search and rescue. 


Boer Dogs, big-game hunters and guard dogs, were bred in South Africa from European mastiff and bull breeds. 


This leonine breed is a mix between St Bernards and Newfoundlands, maybe with Pyrenean mountain dog blood. Once a guard dog, it is now docile and friendly. 

Irish Wolfhound

The tallest hound breed, the Irish wolfhound, is elegant, powerful, fast, and brave. These people are calm, polite, and pleasant.