IRS Stimulus Checks Are Not Going Out to 9 States: Fact Checked and We Found This

A recent video circulating on YouTube falsely claimed that IRS stimulus checks were being distributed to 9 states, despite no official announcement from the IRS about any new rounds of stimulus payments.

The IRS has confirmed that there are no plans for issuing additional stimulus checks beyond the third round, which was sent out in 2021.

Some states in the USA are offering tax credits and rebates as forms of relief, but these are not to be confused with federal stimulus checks.

Rumors circulating about stimulus checks being issued in December 2023 and 2024 are unfounded, and people should rely on official government sources for accurate information.

It's essential for individuals to verify information regarding stimulus payments by visiting the official IRS website or other reliable government sources.

Despite speculation, the federal government has not indicated any intentions of distributing a fourth stimulus check.

Various states such as New Mexico, Alabama, Arizona, and Virginia have implemented tax rebate programs, each with specific eligibility criteria.

Recent updates from the Social Security Administration suggest increases in benefits for recipients, which can provide financial relief to millions.

The proposed budget by President Biden includes potential benefits such as increased child tax credits and reduced costs for essentials like healthcare and housing, aiming to alleviate financial burdens among citizens.