If you always use these 7 phrases, you're mentally stronger than most

Saying "I can do this" reinforces belief in your abilities and strength, helping you conquer challenges by pushing away doubts.

"I can do this"

Even if failure occurs, taking risks and trying new things shows mental strength and openness to learning.

"I’ll try"

Practicing gratitude enhances mental toughness by fostering resilience to stress and contributing to overall well-being.

"I’m grateful"

Forgiving others demonstrates mental strength by releasing emotional burdens and allowing personal growth and resilience to flourish.

"I forgive you"

Apologizing shows humility and responsibility, reflecting strong mental character by admitting mistakes and valuing relationships.

"I’m sorry"

Admitting uncertainty signifies strength and openness to learning, prioritizing truth over appearances.

"I don’t know"

Acknowledging mistakes as opportunities for growth builds trust and demonstrates genuine mental strength and integrity.

"I was wrong"