How To Take Care Of Curly Hair

Ditch the sulphates

One curly hair misconception is that shampoo is bad. Since most shampoos contain sulphates, they froth. 

Don’t brush your hair before washing 

If you have tangled hair and need to run anything through it to loosen the knots, do it in the shower. 

Water is your best friend

Apply our moisture-boosting products while your hair is still wet to assist your curls retain moisture. 

And if you can, make it cold water

We all like a nice shower after a long day. Washing hair with hot water might dry curls. Hot water lifts strand cuticles, letting moisture out. 

Keep up the conditioning

Curly hair is naturally dry, therefore conditioning is crucial. The spiraled strands open the cuticle, letting moisture escape.

Follow up with your favourite oil 

Tight and kinky curls need more moisture than ordinary curls. After using creams and gels, add a nutritious natural oil to lock in moisture.

Avoid using rough towels to dry your hair

Curls are fragile and can frizz if handled improperly. A terry cloth bath towel is too harsh for your delicate curls.