How to attract bluebirds to your garden

Install a Birdhouse:

Place a bluebird house with a 1.5-inch entrance hole in an open area, facing east for sun exposure, mounted 4-7 feet high on a pole.

Buy Bluebird-Specific Feeders:

Use ground or platform feeders like bluebird jail feeders or dome feeders, offering mealworms, fruits, sunflower seeds, or suet.

Serve Mealworms:

Bluebirds love live mealworms for their nutritional value; consider rotating with dried mealworms for variety and convenience.

Plant Native Berry Bushes:

Grow berries like blueberries, raspberries, and elderberries to provide food; space them for an attractive habitat.

Add a Hunting Perch:

Install 3-4 feet tall perches like old fence posts or T-shaped poles for bluebirds to scan for insects, enhancing their foraging opportunities in your yard.

Get a Bird Bath:

Offer a bird bath with a fountain or bubbler to provide clean water for bathing and drinking, attracting bluebirds with its refreshing sounds and communal bathing opportunities.

Protect from Cats:

Keep cats indoors or use brightly colored collars to alert bluebirds, while employing natural deterrents like orange peels to discourage feline predators from your yard.

Keep Dead Trees:

Retain dead trees and branches as natural nesting sites for bluebirds, contributing to their habitat diversity and providing essential roosting spaces in your yard.