Hawaii on a Dime: 7 Crucial Tips to Live Frugally in the Aloha State

For more affordable living, consider Moloka i or the Puna District in the Big Island. Moloka i's cost of living is 3.5% lower than Hawaii's average, and Puna District has median home prices around $350,000.

Choose Your Island Wisely

A University of Hawaii survey found that the average cost of food is around 11% more than the national average.

Embrace Local Markets

Hawaii's average petrol price as of March 2024 is $4.60, while the national average is $3.50.

Utilize Public Transportation

Hawaii has the highest electricity rates in the US, according to Statista, at approximately 42.69 US cents per kilowatt-hour.

Energy Efficiency

Seek for a place to live away from the priciest neighbourhoods. For instance, compared to Kona's resort regions, housing is more reasonably priced in the Puna District on the Big Island.

Affordable Housing Options

Hawaii has an abundance of breathtaking natural features, and many of them are free to enjoy. Spend no money and enjoy public parks, beaches, and hiking trails.

Enjoy Free Activities

Although living in a tourist area can be expensive, there are benefits as well.

Be Smart About Tourism