Hair Color Trends That Will Define Spring 2024

A new hair colour might be the perfect way to start over, and spring 2024's hair colour trends are showing to be some of the most interesting ones yet.

Here are the eight colours that fashion experts predict will be popular in spring, along with the best ways to care for freshly dyed hair. See the greatest hair colour ideas as you continue reading to get ideas.

Chantilly Cream

Chantilly cream, a gorgeous shade of pale blonde with dazzling white undertones, is a colour Cunningham believes will be popular with people who want to go light and bright with their hair. Something akin to Beyoncé's interpretation of the shade lends a dreamy, springtime shine.

Red Hot

Red hair just has an irresistible quality, which is why celebrity hair colorist Jacob Schwartz who regularly colours the hair of celebrities like Margot Robbie, Brie Larson, and Sydney Sweeney predicts that vivid shades of this trendy hair colour will be quite popular in spring 2024.

Teddy Bear Bronde

Look no further than Zendaya for a warmer take on the popular bronde (also known as blonde and brunette) hair combination this spring. According to Cunningham, more and more customers are requesting the ideal combination of these two hues. Deeper and richer bronde tones should be on the rise.

Vibrant Silver

You're in luck if you're all about embracing the grey and sticking with your natural hair colour. According to Cunningham, the spring of 2024 will be ideal for a silver revival. Since the epidemic and the inability of people to colour their hair and roots, the silver trend has become more popular.

Expensive Brunette

This spring will see the return of the rich brown tone that was so popular last year. Whether you want to channel your inner 90s child or go for Bieber's Chocolate Syrup shade, or Penelope Cruz's decadent chocolate blowout.