Fight White Hair With These 8 Yoga Poses


Looking up at the ceiling, use both hands to reach back and grasp the left ankle with your left hand and the right ankle with your right.


Lift your legs gradually while maintaining a straight posture, bend them back over your head so that your toes touch the floor above your head, and place your chin against your throat.


As an alternative, certain yoga schools could instruct you to use the fingers of your left hand to touch the toes of your right leg.


Using both hands, grasp your knee caps. Your fingers should be pointing toward your feet as you grasp the knees with your palms.


Raise your forehead and stare up while applying pressure on both palms. Breathe in and let the weight land on your chest.

Adho Mukha Savasana 

Stretch your arms and support your legs on your toes by pulling yourself backwards while raising your knees off the floor and exhaling.


Raise your head and chest after taking a big breath. Lean back and observe the wall directly behind you. You ought to have your ass on the ground.


Exhale to lift your head and shoulders and, to the greatest extent possible, bring your nose up to your knees.