Escape The Ordinary: 8 Retirement Havens You Never Considered


Portugal is a top retirement destination known for its fantastic weather, coastline, and healthcare system, making it ideal for retirees seeking a comfortable lifestyle.


Italy offers retirees a blend of leisurely lifestyles, rich culture, and affordability, with its famous cuisine, architecture, and relatively lower housing costs compared to other European countries.


Thailand appeals to retirees with its tropical beaches, diverse geography, and affordable living costs, making it a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a vibrant cultural experience in retirement.


Malaysia attracts retirees with its affordability, excellent healthcare system, and English-speaking population, offering a gateway to explore Asia while enjoying a comfortable retirement lifestyle.


Once known for safety concerns, Colombia now beckons retirees with its stunning landscapes, low living costs, and rich cultural heritage, including rainforests, mountains, and coastlines.


Greece charms retirees with its historical sites, picturesque islands, and affordable living expenses, making it a desirable retirement destination in Europe.


France boasts excellent healthcare, diverse landscapes from cities to the French Riviera, and a renowned culinary scene, making it a top choice for retirees seeking quality living in a culturally rich environment.


Ecuador offers retirees eco-diversity, modern amenities, and a relaxed lifestyle at an affordable cost, with options to explore rainforests, mountains, and coastal regions without the effects of commercialism and over-tourism.