Celebrate July 4th with Stunning Hair at Studio Be Salon

Bold Red Highlights

Add patriotic flair with striking red highlights, whether subtle streaks or bold chunks.

Cool Blue Ombre

Make a statement with a blue ombre look, starting dark at the roots and fading into vibrant blue tips.

White Blonde Locks

Embrace platinum blonde as a clean base, perfect for adding temporary red and blue accents.

Braided Beauty

Incorporate small braids with red, white, and blue ribbons for a chic and patriotic touch.

Sparkling Accessories

Transform any hairstyle with star-shaped clips, glittery hairpins, or a patriotic headband.

Wavy Wonde

Create effortless beachy waves using sea salt spray, adding sparkle with glittery hair spray.

High Ponytail with Flair

Elevate a high ponytail by wrapping it with a red, white, and blue scarf for a chic twist.

Space Buns

Opt for playful space buns with red, white, and blue hair ties or ribbons, sprinkled with glitter for extra sparkle.

Effective Tips to Achieve Thicker Hair Instantly and Over Time