Celebrate Independence Day with These 8 Cute Hairstyles

Flowered Braid

Spruce up your plain braid with some fresh flowers. This Independence Day hairstyle works beautifully with anything white, especially a salwar suit or a saree.

The Perfect Blowout

A simple yet stunning hairstyle, this involves a pretty blowdry paired with a hair accessory. Straighten your hair for a sleek look and apply serum to avoid flyaways.

Pulled Back Ponytail

Quick, effortless, and stylish, this pulled-back ponytail looks stunning with any desi outfit. Use hair spray to achieve a sleek front look.

Crown Braid Bun

This cute and elegant hairstyle is perfect for Independence Day. Opt for a low braided bun or a simple bun for a chic look.

Twisted Half Ponytail

For a quick hairstyle, choose this twisted half ponytail. Add flowers or hair accessories to enhance the look, even if you haven't shampooed your hair.

Flowered Bun

Twist your hair into a low French roll bun and accessorize with flowers or bling hair accessories for a stylish Independence Day look.

Side-Swept Twist

Amp up your hairstyle with a side-swept twist. Let your natural hair shine by simply twisting the front and pinning it on the side.

Low Not-So-Basic Ponytail

Go for a basic yet stylish look with a low ponytail. Twist your hair and accessorize with a silver or gold clip instead of a regular scrunchie.

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