A 30-Minute Workout Your Whole Body Won't Forget

Muscle Pain

Exercise damages muscle and connective tissue, causing discomfort. Metabolite accumulation causes acute muscular discomfort, or burning during activity.

Consistency vs. Intensity

Never push yourself so hard that it inhibits regular exercise. Due to physical inadaptability, anybody may exercise a few times a month and feel sore after almost anything.

Total Body Workout

To maximize your exercise and train all your muscle groups, design a complete body workout. Fully-body workouts target all key muscle groups in one session.

How to Do a Push-Up

Go on all fours with your hands wider than your shoulders. Straighten arms and legs. Lower yourself until your chest is almost floor-level. Push up after pausing.

How to Do a Push-Up

Stand with your hands clasped in front of your chest and feet shoulder-width apart and slightly turned out. Lower yourself to floor-level thighs.

How to Do Plank Shoulder Taps

If complete plank from hands and feet is too tough, use hands and knees. As you strengthen, do as many plank shoulder taps from hands and feet as possible before transitioning to hands and knees, like push-ups.

How to Do Jumping Jacks

Most of us began with jumping jacks, a familiar activity. However, reviewing your motions and posture might help you optimize this entire body workout.