9 Things Everyone Forgets to Include in Their Will But Shouldn t

Beyond material belongings, we amass a surprisingly large number of valued assets in our increasingly digital society.

Digital Assets

Many times, we think of our valued pets as part of the family. Ensure that your will provides for their well-being.

Pet Guardians

Giving further information in your will can be a considerate act for your loved ones during a trying time, even though some people may only specify in their will that they would choose cremation or burial.

Funeral Wishes

Not every item has the same value. Some things can have very special sentimental value, such as treasured childhood toys, family heirlooms, or even images.

Sentimental Items

You can make a long-lasting difference and support causes you care about by including a charitable bequest in your will.

Charitable Donations

It is imperative that you name guardians in your will if you have minor children. In the event of your passing, these guardians will be in charge of your kids' upbringing.

Guardians for Minor Children

Selecting the appropriate executor for your will is essential since they will be the ones to make sure your intentions are followed.

Nominating an Executor

Although taxes are not addressed in your will, you should think about the possible tax consequences your beneficiaries may experience upon inheritance.

Tax Considerations

This plan ought to specify how your company will be run or disbanded in the event of your passing.

Business Succession Plan