9 Surprising Facts About Maine Coon Cats

They have interesting origins

The Maine coon cat is not a cat-raccoon hybrid, contrary to common misconception. Some say Marie Antoinette sent them to America after her failed escape from France, although this is improbable.

They re gentle giants

Maine coons are large, powerful cats sometimes mistaken for bobcats. Sluggers weigh nine to 18 pounds and are one of the biggest domesticated cat breeds.

Maine coons have a lovely temperament

The Maine coon is known as the dogs of the cat world due to its charming nature. Friendly cats get along with humans and animals.

Maine coons are a playful breed

Curios cats prioritise playtime. Expect plenty of interaction since they love to play. Maine coons are smart pets that can learn basic skills.

You can walk them with a leash

A leashed cat? Not impossible. Leash-training distinguishes Maine coon cats from other cats. Maine coons, like the smart Savannah Cat, appreciate outdoor adventures with their owners.

They like to sing

Maine coons sing! Their chirping sound is unlike the meow of other cats. Communication issues don't affect these cats. They're outspoken about getting your attention.

They love water

These cats like water play, maybe because to their water-resistant coats. Maine coons are good swimmers and more cooperative than most cats in the bath.

These cats were built for winter

Maine coons physical features let them endure severe New England winters. They have snowshoe-like feet and long, water-resistant hair around their lower body.

They ve been cloned successfully

The first cloned pet was Little Nicky, a Maine coon kitten, sold in 2004. A Texas lady spent $50,000 to clone her deceased cat with a California biotech business.