9 Reasons To Own A Yorkie

1. They Provide Devoted Companionship

Yorkies, originally bred to catch rats, are now loved for their devotion and affection. Ranked 13th most popular breed in 2021, their loyalty and craving for attention make them excellent companions.

2. Their Small Size Is an Advantage

Yorkies' small size makes them ideal pets, needing little space and easy to carry. Perfect for seniors and those with physical limitations, they can accompany you anywhere, including stores and airplane cabins.

3. They Are Excellent Watchdogs

Though too small to physically defend, Yorkies are protective and alert owners to strangers with their keen hearing and incessant barking, acting as an efficient early warning system.

4. They Are Intelligent

Yorkies rank above average in intelligence, making them easily trainable pets. Their history as working dogs required above-average intellect, a trait that persists in their ability to respond well to training.

5. Hypoallergenic

As a hypoallergenic breed, Yorkies are suitable for allergy sufferers, minimizing allergic reactions. Their minimal shedding and low allergenicity make them a practical choice for individuals with allergies or asthma.

6. Easy Clean-Up and Maintenance

Yorkies have hair instead of fur, shedding infrequently and requiring minimal grooming. This reduces the need for constant cleaning and maintenance, resulting in a cleaner living environment.

7. Excellent Therapy Dogs

Yorkies' manageability, friendliness, and affection make them excellent therapy dogs, capable of providing comfort and emotional support to those in need. Their history includes notable examples like Smoky, a Yorkie who comforted soldiers during World War II.

8. Low Exercise Requirements

Yorkies have low exercise needs, requiring only short strolls for physical activity. This makes them suitable for owners with busy schedules or limited time for lengthy walks.

9. Reduced Food Consumption

Yorkies require less food compared to larger breeds, offering potential cost savings for pet owners. In times of economic uncertainty, saving on pet food expenses can be a significant advantage without compromising the dog's nutritional needs.