9 Pet-Friendly Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs

Money Tree  

People who take care of plants and pets both love the Money Tree. People who own this rich, live good-luck charm are said to get lots of good luck and money.

Bamboo Palm  

The Bamboo Palm is a traditional palm with a tropical twist. This non-toxic houseplant won't hurt your dog or cat and will make your home or apartment feel like a vacation spot.

Bromeliad Pineapple

You and your pets can get along just fine with the cute Bromeliad Pineapple. Each plant on this plant makes one pineapple fruit. The plants of this variety are not grown to be eaten,

Neon Prayer Plant

The Neon Prayer Plant has beautiful striped green leaves that will make any room stand out. The best thing about these pretty plants is that neither cats nor dogs can hurt them.

Ponytail Palm  

You should get the Ponytail Palm if you move a lot. This hardy plant can handle weather and doesn't need much care. It won't hurt any furry family members who stay with the pet sitter.

Blue Star Fern  

Also, the Blue Star Fern is safe for pets and will make your space look better. This lovely plant can grow rapidly in a spot with bright indirect light because it is flexible.

Red Prayer Plant  

Choose the red variety for a prayer plant that stands out a little less. Both the bright and red prayer plants are beautiful, easy to care for, and safe for your pets.

Bromeliad Aechmea Pink  

The Bromeliad Aechmea Pink is a lovely ornamental plant that you might want to think about. This bromeliad has a light pink flower and won't hurt your pets.