9 Long Nail Ideas For a Statement-Making Mani

Star French Manicure: A square form (less prone to catch on garments) looks wonderful with extensive nail painting. Extra-long nails allow for elaborate designs like these black-and-white star tips.

Extra Long Royal Blue Shimmer: Every shade of blue nail polish especially darker ones is trendy. Extra-long gel nails look rich and stylish with a deep blue sparkly finish. It stands out without nail art or accessories.

Studded Easter Egg Nails: Easter egg matte colors make the ultimate spring manicure. This lovely manicure has iridescent studs for more dimension.

Linear Nail Art: A simple linear design with a neutral base color is always popular since it makes nails appear longer. For an edgy, wet effect, seal the manicure with a glossy topcoat.

Snakeskin Inspired: White-on-nude airbrushed snakeskin nails are a unique take on the almond-shaped manicure trend. Keeping most of the length in the tip and finishing semi-sharp adds drama to this engaging style.

Pearl-Encrusted French Manicure: This bridal manicure is excellent for pointed nail lovers. Pearls add a pleasant, sophisticated accent to the French manicure. 

Elaborate Swirled Tips: A delicate white swirl design is ideal for tapered square coffin nails. The tip has most of the design, giving it a French manicure look. This look takes nails from zero to 100 easily.

Golden Tips: Long manicures need not be square or pointed. An asymmetrical tip is sometimes appropriate. On these handmade, gilded nails, celebrity nail artist Pria B utilized Sissi 3D gel to create thick tips.