8 Ways to Improve the Look of Your Aging Eye Area

Brighten Your Whites

Mother Nature, excessive alcohol consumption, and sleep deprivation may all contribute to dull eyes. Dull whites or redness may take away from gorgeous eyes, much as yellow or discolored teeth can take away from a lovely smile.

Lengthen Your Lashes

Aging causes thinning lashes. You can fake it ’til you make it with lash extensions, but keep in mind they are costly and require refills approximately every two weeks. Lash serums are cheaper and last longer.

Chill Out

BeautySkin Cryo Skin Icing Roller relieves eye bags. The professional-grade stainless steel device cools the skin to 45 degrees and quickly depuffs, firms, and tightens beneath the eyes.

Tend to Your Skin

No eye cream? Start using one today (really, 20 years ago, but who's counting?). Choose one you can apply to the lids and whole eye region. Clarins Total Eye Lift tightens, lifts, smooths, and depuffs in 60 seconds.

Lift Your Lids

Many eye treatments promise to “lift” hooded eyes by hydrating and smoothing the skin, but blepharoplasty gives a lasting result. This treatment is usually done in-office under local anesthetic.

Send Your Bags Packing

Completely empty those bags with filler. The right filler may temporarily reduce bags under and around sagging eyes for a rejuvenated look. Sparingly injecting filler into sunken eyes may rejuvenate and plump them.

Kiss Crow’s Feet Goodbye

Although many women call them "smile lines," they still dislike eye corner crinkles. Neuromodulators like Botox® and Dysport® assist momentarily. These neurotoxins inhibit muscle action, reducing wrinkles and maybe preventing new ones.

The Full Monty

The most expensive and irreversible operation is an upper facelift. Sometimes called a "brow lift," it revitalizes the top part of the face by removing forehead wrinkles, raising a heavy brow, and opening up the eyes.