8 Warning Signs That Climate Change Is Getting WORSE

Rising Global Temperatures:

This is perhaps the most well-known sign of climate change. The average global temperature has been rising for decades, and the rate of warming is accelerating.

More Extreme Weather Events:

Climate change is making extreme weather events, such as heat waves, droughts, floods, and wildfires, more common and more intense.

Melting Glaciers and Ice Sheets:

Glaciers and ice sheets around the world are melting at an alarming rate. This is contributing to sea level rise, which is threatening coastal communities around the world.

Rising Sea Levels:

Sea levels are rising as a result of melting glaciers and ice sheets, as well as thermal expansion of the oceans. This is inundating coastal areas, salinating freshwater supplies, and displacing people.

Ocean Acidification:

The oceans are absorbing about a quarter of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by human activities. This is causing the oceans to become more acidic, which is harming marine ecosystems.

Changes in Plant and Animal Life:

Climate change is disrupting the habitats of plants and animals around the world. This is leading to species extinctions and changes in migration patterns.

More Frequent and Intense Storms:

Warmer ocean temperatures provide more energy for storms to develop and intensify. This is leading to more powerful hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones.

Permafrost Thaw:

Permafrost is permanently frozen ground in the Arctic. As the climate warms, the permafrost is thawing, which is releasing methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.