8 Posture Exercises To Sit and Stand Straighter

1. Back to the wall

Standing with your back against a wall might reveal bad posture. Dr. Danzo suggests that the back of your head, shoulder blades, hip, and legs contact the wall while standing upright with proper posture.

2. Wall angels

Remember when you were a child and made snow angels by lying in the snow and waving your arms? A similar technique may extend your arms and chest to improve posture.

3. Pull your head back

Common posture mistakes include head-forward posture. Your head is too far ahead of your shoulders. When our head gets forward, the weight of the head pulls on the back of the neck muscles and stresses them, Dr. Danzo says.

4. Doorway lunge

To avoid shoulder rounding, you need upper chest flexibility and strength. Stretch those muscles with this posture-correcting workout. Arms at sides, elbows bent. Your elbow should be bent 90 degrees and your upper arm parallel to the floor.

5. Standing row

Upper back strength may also prevent shoulders from sliding forward and straining your back. Upper back strengthening exercises include standing rows.

6. Shoulder blade push

Training your shoulders to stay back improves bad posture. Remain on your back, knees bent. Keep your arms at your sides and palms up. Push your shoulder blades back and down to the earth.

7. Pelvic tilt

Your lower back should curve inward. If your lower back is stiff or weak, the natural curvature might be exacerbated, says Dr. Danzo. This is lumbar lordosis, or swayback. Your tummy pushes forward and butt sticks out behind you.

8. Seated neck stretchv

Strong, flexible neck muscles may support your head and prevent sagging. This computer chair stretch helps stretch the side of your neck.