8 Landscaping Ideas That Make Your House Look More Expensive

Alfresco Bar

Bring the party outside! This Palm Beach vacation house features a small bar area with a pop of color, perfect for entertaining by the cabana.

Olive and Cypress Trees

Landscape designer Marcello Villano incorporated olive and cypress trees in this Palm Springs courtyard as a nod to the homeowner's Italian heritage.

Seating Platform

Skip the grass! This backyard uses colorful tiles for a playful and low-maintenance alternative. Lush plants add a touch of green.

Spilling Bougainvillea

Liven up your entryway! This SoCal home uses agave plants and cascading bougainvillea vines for a burst of color and character.

Barrel Cacti

Embrace the desert! This Palm Springs home features cacti and agave plants for a textural contrast against the facade.

Decked-Out Pagoda

Create a backyard retreat! This pagoda features floor cushions and curtains for a cozy and private escape.

Framed Bocce Court

Fun for all ages! This L.A. backyard combines a beautiful garden with a skate ramp and a cool treehouse.

Integrated Landscape Design

Live among the trees! This Seattle home features a modern design that blends seamlessly with the surrounding forest.