8 Fun Facts About Siamese Cats

Their Coats Can Be a Wide Range of Colors

Siamese cats' coats come in a wide variety of colors...and not only genetically. Several sets of genes and modifier genes influence a cat's coat colour and pattern.

They're One of the Oldest Cat Breeds

It's thought that Siamese cats were initially tamed in Thailand during the 14th century, when they appeared in a Thai document.

They Have Some Quirky Physical Traits

Many Siamese cats have crossed eyes and kinked tails for years. Many tales explained Siamese cats' unusual features, even if genetics were likely to blame.

They're Treasured by Royalty

Thai royal dynasties valued Siamese cats for their unique, gorgeous looks for centuries. Royal families thought that a Siamese cat would accept their soul when they died.

They've Lived in the White House

Asian Siamese cats were tamed for years, but they didn't arrive in the US until the late 1800s. Lucy Haye, wife of Rutherford B. Haye, was an early Siamese cat owner.

They're Movie Stars

DC from That Darn Cat! prevented a fake abduction, while two 1960s Siamese cats foiled espionage. When two Siamese cats at the Dutch embassy in Moscow, Russia scratched at a wall.

They're Extremely Talkative

Siamese cats are communicative if you have one or have been around one. Siamese cats talk about their meals, window views, and everything else they see throughout the day and night.

They're Highly Trainable

Yes, cats can be trained. Being bright, energetic, and interested makes Siamese cats good training cats. Another approach to connect with your cat is to clicker teach them to do tricks or retrieve toys.