8 Cute Natural Nail Designs That Prove Less is More

Evil Eye

Add a few well-placed evil eyes to your natural nail design to give it a little something extra. The electric blue emblem is said to shield you from evil intent in addition to being visually appealing.

Minimalist French

Unable to choose between a nude nail and a traditional French tip? This low-key strategy offers just enough of each to meet needs.

Gilded Minimalist French

To attain the desired effect, expand upon the understated French style on a few nails and at the nail bed by incorporating slender gold bands beneath the French tip.

Gold Foil Natural Nails

Adding a hint of foiled gold flakes to one or two accent nails is another option to give your natural nail a little extra shine.

Peachy Clean Nails

Choose a warm nail colour that has a hint of peach tones to match your skin tone. Then, for a syrupy look, apply two or three glassy top coats.

Subtle Chrome

When you're itching for a little bling but your natural nails are calling, go for this understated pink chrome manicure.

Iridescent Sheen

When it catches the light, this one leans somewhat blue, but depending on your taste, you could want to look at sheens that lean purple, pink, or even green.

Pearl Nails

One of nature's most beautiful gems, pearls, can serve as an inspiration for a more understated approach.