8 Cropped Military Haircuts That Are Perfect For Summer


Buzz Cut: The quintessential military haircut, the buzz cut, is extremely short and uniform all around. It's ideal for those who want minimal upkeep and maximum comfort during hot summer days.


High and Tight: This haircut features closely cropped sides and back with slightly more length on top. It's clean, professional, and offers a bit more versatility for styling while still keeping the hair off the neck.


Crew Cut: The crew cut is similar to the buzz cut but with slightly more length on top, allowing for a bit of texture and style. It's a timeless look that suits almost any face shape and is exceptionally practical for summer.


Fade: A fade haircut gradually decreases in length from the top down to the sides and back, creating a seamless transition. It's a stylish variation of the traditional military cut and offers a modern twist for summer.


Flat Top: This haircut is characterized by a flat, horizontal surface of hair on top of the head, often styled upright. While it requires more maintenance than other military cuts, its distinctive appearance makes it a standout .


Ivy League Haircut: Longer top neatly combed to the side, shorter sides and back. Classic, versatile look for any occasion.


Butch Cut: Similar to the buzz cut but with a slightly longer length, the butch cut offers a bit more texture and definition while still maintaining a low-maintenance style perfect for summer.


Regulation Cut: This military haircut is precisely groomed with short, tapered sides and back, and a slightly longer length on top that can be styled conservatively.