8 Beautiful Blue Animals That looks Good

Blue Poison Dart Frog

These tiny frogs were discovered in 1969 and are restricted to remote regions of the jungle in Northern Brazil and Surinam, South America.

Blue Whale

With the exception of the frigid regions of the Arctic oceans, blue whales are present in all oceans and have a huge, long, mottled blue-gray body.

Chesapeake Blue Crab

These bottom-dwelling crustaceans, also called Atlantic Blue Crabs, are found from Nova Scotia to the Gulf of Mexico and even Uruguay along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

Blue Tang Fish

In the Indo-Pacific region, blue tangs inhabit stony reefs, coral, and clear waters. These tiny fish weigh about 1.6 pounds and range in size from 4.7 to 9.84 inches.

Cyanocitta Cristata

Mostly located in Canada and the eastern states of the Rocky Mountains, these huge songbirds, also referred to as blue jays, are native to the Nearctic region.

Sinai Agama

The agamid lizard known as Sinai Agama, or Pseudotrapelus sinaitus, is found in desert regions of Saudi Arabia, Eastern Egypt, Israel, Sudan, Southern Libya, and other Afrotropical places.

Indian Peafowl

Large, native to Southern Asia, are the Indian peafowls. The majority of their natural habitats are open woods with broadleaves or shrouds. The male Indian peafowl, also referred to as a peacock, is distinguished by its enormous ornamental tail and vivid blue feathers.

Common Blue Damselflies

Although they appear to be similar from a distance, common blue damselflies and dragonflies are very different. Compared to dragonflies, common blue damselflies have far more slender and thin bodies.