7 Tips for Growing Big Plants Indoors

Large plants need a lot of room. Banana trees have been known to grow up to 15 feet inside, while several tropical trees can easily reach 8 or 10 feet in height when grown indoors.

Make room

Similar to their smaller counterparts, large houseplants can be simple or complex to maintain. Certain plants like the rubber tree and the ZZ plant can survive in low light, but others like citrus and cactus trees in particular need full sun.

Light em right

It might be difficult to move large, heavy pots, whether your large houseplant is meant to spend the summers outdoors after overwintering indoors or you are simply rotating it for even growth.

Move them around

Large plants can create enormous mess. When moved indoors, woody plants may lose their yellow leaves as a means of adjusting to reduced light levels.

Tidy up the mess

Keeping the house clean after plants is just one aspect of housekeeping. Houseplants gather dust since they are stationary.

Keep em clean

Larger soil volumes usually require less frequent watering because smaller soil volumes have a higher surface area to volume ratio, which increases evaporation.

Water wisely

Huge houseplants cannot be placed in hanging baskets or on high shelves, thus further precautions must be made to keep kids and pets safe as well as shield the plants from harm that kids and pets may cause.

Protect pets, plants, and kids