7 Regrets From a 60-Year-Old Woman

I often think about the few individuals I wish I had courageously confronted and firmly told to "Fuck off."

Not standing up to people more:

Having endured bullying and exploitation, I regret not asserting my boundaries earlier to protect myself from mistreatment.

Voicelessness regrets:

It took until my early 50s for me to start embracing self-confidence, a journey marked by late but significant personal growth.

Lack of self-belief:

I regret not seizing the exhilarating chance to skydive when I was younger, a decision now resigned to my past.

Missed skydiving opportunity:

Although content with one child, I sometimes wonder if I should have welcomed another, feeling a missed opportunity for a larger family bond.


Reflecting on my younger self's selfishness and deceitfulness, I acknowledge my transformative journey toward maturity and compassion.

Past behavior:

Never formally educated on managing money, I now painstakingly learn budgeting and savings skills, lamenting my financial naivety in earlier years.

Financial knowledge: