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7 Most Beautiful White Dog Breeds and How to Keep Them Clean


Just take a look at the fluffy, pure-white coat of the Samoyed, which makes it one of the most gorgeous white dog breeds available! Since these dogs were raised to labor in frigid climates

Bichon frisé

Take a peek at that fluffy stuff! One of those tiny white dog breeds that instantly puts a grin on your face is the bichon frisé. According to Ostrander, "they were bred for being cute."

Akbash dog

One of the rarer huge white dog breeds is the Akbash. The American Kennel Club hasn't recognized it yet because it was only imported to the country in 1970. This breed originated in Turkey

Coton de Tulear

A white dog breed with a fascinating past, the coton de Tulear is referred to as the royal dog of Madagascar. These adorable puppies were so beloved as pets by the Madagascar nobility

Great Pyrenees

With all-white fur, the Great Pyrenees is one of the cutest and calmest dog breeds. However, don't let their calm exterior deceive you; they are renowned for being fierce protectors of their allies


Take a look at the adorable coat of the small Maltese, which makes it one of the most identifiable white dog breeds! These adorable and lively toy dogs are well-known for being the ideal lap companions.

West Highland white terrier

A word of caution: Your heart can be stolen by a West Highland white terrier, also called a Westie. One of the cutest white dog breeds around, they have a fluffy appearance that makes them amiable, welcoming