7 Money-Saving Tips for Grocery-Shopping

Plan Your Meals

Meal planning may save 25% each week on groceries (did you know our meal planner pays for itself in a week?). Statistics vary. When asked how to save money on groceries, I always recommend meal planning.

Make A List

Make and stick to a shopping list before you leave. This reduces impulsive buys. Your meal plan-based shopping list will save you a lot of money. You all know that shopping without a list may shatter your budget.

Buy Only What You Need

It seems stupid, yet we all experience cart creep. Know what it is? Good-looking sweets sneak into your basket. Avoiding cart creep and impulsive buys is one of the simplest ways to budget.

Avoid Extra Runs to the Grocery Store

Planning meals helps. I understand that you sometimes forget to buy something or need to go. Shopping at the grocery shop more regularly costs more. Follow your shopping list and shop once a week.

Make Smart Substitutions

We had pot roast last week. I was planning to get a 3-pound roast of meat, but it cost $20. I replaced it with a five-pound, less than $11 pork roast.

Buy Generic

Store-brand or generic items are often just as excellent as name-brand ones, although they are frequently less expensive. My favorite stores to shop at are Trader Joe's and Aldi since they provide the greatest deals on generic goods.

Shop In-Season Fresh Produce

Strawberries are out of season in the winter, which makes them pricey even though my kids like them. For the greatest deals on fresh food, purchase in-season fruits and veggies.