7 Gorgeous Rock Garden Ideas for Your Landscape

For a terrace garden look, use alternating sections of ground-cover plants like blooming thyme, phlox, and sedums and large, reasonably flat boulders as weeding stepping stones.

Intersperse Bright Hues and Rough-Hewn Rocks

A little pond with fish and lily pads decorates a garden like nothing else. Surround the pond with stones of various sizes whether you cultivate koi for neo-Asian Zen garden appeal or tilapia

Dig a Petite Pond

Prepare to sit and smell the snapdragons, as you would the roses. A little, attractive seat amid flush-ground pebbles brightens a dull flower garden. The plants reinforce the contrast between rich, black mulch and little

Add Gravel in the Garden

Divide the grass into several portions for various uses if it's not level enough for croquet. Consider a herb garden, butterfly garden, beehives, or chicken coop.

Divide and Conquer a Large Lawn

This simple sidewalk stone row defies the more is more rock garden mentality. This small border of smooth pebbles parallel to the path draws attention like a ribbon on a garment hem.

Rock That Walk

Strong rocks blend into the backdrop during the day, but these gently lighting LED indoor/outdoor orb lights turn them into an eerie moonscape.

Use Lighting to Create an Otherworldly Atmosphere

A single palm tree, a few widely separated succulents, and a low stone wall create a balanced, beautiful scene that rivals a green lawn or a blooming garden.

Pair Stone With Succulents