7 Foundation Mistakes That Are Secretly Making You Look Older

Using the Wrong Foundation Finish

Our skin loses collagen and suppleness and becomes dry with age. Always using a mattifying or satin foundation may worsen dryness, fine wrinkles, and lackluster skin.

Not Using Primer

Slide it off your face by noon? Do you want to throw out your cosmetic bag and never use foundation again? Primer solves all your troubles.

Using Foundation That's Too Light

Collagen loss thins and dulls skin. As usual, lucky us. Moving too far into the light foundation range can cause pallidness and distort your natural skin tone.

Using Foundation That Turns Orange

In contrast, Oompa Loompa orange. One of two factors causes this. You chose a hue too dark or warm for your skin. Luckily, this is simple. 

Applying Foundation Incorrectly

If you've always applied foundation with your fingers, stop. Each year brings new, hard-earned fine lines and wrinkles.

Using Powder Foundation

In our earliest memories, we all remember a powdered, highly flushed woman sitting in the church pew or talking to our mom at the grocery store. 

Not Moisturizing

Maintaining moisture is crucial as we age due to skin dryness. Avoid skipping moisturizer. It goes on before foundation every morning.