7 Fence Decorating Ideas To Spruce Up Your Yard

1. Use the Fence to Display Plants

Showcase your outdoor plants using your fence. Whether you install plant hooks or create a ladder with small pots for succulents, it's a charming addition to your garden.

2. Hang a Wreath, No Matter the Season

Wreaths are perfect year-round decor. This corn husk wreath adds a fall touch and can be easily hung from your fence using a small hook.

3. Install Some Cute Decals

Add a splash of color with butterfly decals. Create a fun and joyful pattern on your fence to brighten up your outdoor space.

4. Make Way for Birds

Bird lovers can attract feathered friends by attaching small birdhouses to the fence. They serve as both decorative pieces and functional bird homes.

5. Try a New Kind of Planter

Woven baskets make beautiful planters. Attach a few to your fence to create an instant, artful garden display.

6. Hang an Antique Mirror on the Fence

Mirrors aren't just for indoors. An antique-looking mirror on your fence can enhance the style and completeness of your garden.

7. Get Natural With Dried Leaves and Grasses

Dried leaves, flowers, and grasses are excellent for long-lasting and textural decor. Choose a few items that you love and create a simple, natural look on your fence.