7 Creative DIY Wedding Decorations You Can Easily Make at Home on a Budget

DIY Floral Garlands

Decorate visitors' seats and tables with flowers. Paper makes them survive long beyond the wedding, so you may use them for other important events.

Twisted Candles

Arrange flowers on the tables and chairs for guests. You may use them for other significant occasions since paper allows them to last long after the wedding.

Cinco de Mayo Wedding Paper Bouquet

Make your own flowers instead of purchasing premade ones. This Cinco de Mayo-themed choice will allow you to create a vibrant paper bouquet of tulips, daffodils, poppies, and kumquats.

Wedding Puzzle Guestbook

Use paint markers, magnetic backing, white magnetic boards, and puzzles to recreate this entertaining idea. Next, match a place card with each puzzle.

DIY Wedding Chargers

This blogger turned homemade wedding chargers into place cards and favors. For each charger, she suggests devoting 10 to 15 minutes, and for creation, she suggests using circular cutting boards, a non-toxic permanent marker, and food-grade sealer.

Tiered Cake Card Box

Customize a cake-shaped card case for all your wedding cards. Circle mache boxes in three sizes are needed, but you may customize your design with embellishments that fit your wedding motif.

DIY Wedding Calligraphy Sign

Get the huge floating frame, metallic paint pen, tape, and scissors for this eye-catching sign. Remember an extra-large print of the statement to display!