7 Bold and trendy undercut hairstyles for women

This style features a bold pastel shade paired with an undercut, creating a striking contrast between the vibrant color and the shaved sections underneath. The look often includes an updo that showcases the shaved sides, emphasizing the unique blend of daring color and edgy cut.

Pastel Undercut:

A long pixie cut with an undercut typically incorporates a side-swept style that accentuates the shaved sections. This variation of the pixie haircut maintains a longer top while keeping the sides and back closely shaved, achieving a dramatic effect with minimal length.

Long Pixie:

Combining an undercut with straight-across bangs and a high, messy top knot creates a dynamic hairstyle. The shaved sides and back add depth and texture, while the bangs frame the face, offering a modern and versatile look from all angles.

Undercut + Bangs:

A blunt pixie with an undercut involves subtly fading the sides into a shaved section, adding a touch of edge to the short hairstyle. This style is ideal for those considering a full buzz cut but want to experiment with a bit more length on top, maintaining both style and ease of maintenance.

Blunt Pixie:

This style blends long flowing hair on one side with a fully shaved head on the other, creating a bold asymmetrical look. Often enhanced with intricate detailing like French braids or shaved patterns, this undercut variation offers a dramatic and visually appealing aesthetic.

Long Hair Undercut:

The ombré undercut with a curled top features a fluffy, voluminous texture on the longer hair sections, contrasting with the shaved sides and back. This style highlights the versatility of undercuts by combining structured shaved elements with soft, playful curls

Curled Top:

This playful hairstyle incorporates a shaggy bowl cut with shaved sides, offering a fun and youthful aesthetic. The voluminous top can be styled neatly or tousled with texturizing products, showcasing the shaved sections and adding a modern twist to a classic bowl cut.

Blunt Bowl Cut: